The Prologue

Second semester senior year is the emotional version of that antique rickety roller coaster at the fair that groans with every turn until it nearly catapults you from its aged wooden tracks. Bittersweet is an understatement. We go from celebrating finally getting Duke tickets to crying on our best friend’s shoulder about how we will never find a job in this cruel world. We waltz around the campus with a confident air that finally no one could ever mistake us as first years and celebrate by skipping class and trying to squeeze the life out of every second we have left at UNC.  We say our official goodbye to the old well, campus organizations and wonderful friends and hello to a new job, new city and a new life. This next year in my life will be a unique marriage of the old and the new. I want to celebrate, mourn, dance, jump, balk wide-eyed and experience this unique union by celebrating and investigating other transitions, unique pairings and transformations in partnership with their roots and history. I want to understand “ordinary” objects, recipes, thoughts and people in brand new ways. Join me on this journey if you have ever experienced a transition or simply wish to unleash a little smidgen of imagination to reach into the far corner of your personal attic to an old wooden sea chest (or the back corner of your closet between your rain boots and dust bunnies) to things that you quite forgot existed, but be warned-do not get to attached because they will serve as an anchor for some new creation, idea or existence.

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