Repurpose your Recycling bins

Imagine life as a recycling bin. Your days are spent being piled with tired, perhaps slightly odorous refuse. You are vastly under appreciated and are thrown out to the road once a week by your family instead of being nicely wheeled down like your brother- the trash can. Life as a blue plastic rectangle can be tough. Prior to our Snowpacolypse I had always ignored my recycling bin. He was there when me or my housemates needed to dump something in him, but it had always been a one sided relationship. This changed the night that “Frozen” let it go- out of the theatre and onto our Chapel Hill driveway. My housemates and I ran around outside in glee and wanted to go sledding, but no sleds could be found (although our neighbors tried baking sheets). It was then that our blue rectangular bin found the spotlight for the first time. Me and one of my housemates hopped in the bins and decided to slide down our very steep and icy driveway and magic happened. We not only flew down our driveway, but down part of the next hill as well! We spent the next two hours sliding down our driveway in our make shift sleds having as Meredith Corn put it, “one of the best memories from college.” Who would have thought that a repurposed recycling bin could have been so impactful? Next time you are looking to make a memory look around your house for an object you typically ignore. You never know what you might find or on what adventure it may lead you.



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