Light bulb rebirthed as retro vase

When you enter the twenty somethings a crazy sort of lacy white mist begins to float in the air. Your friends begin to obsess about the difference between sea foam and turquoise, daises versus roses and where their magical story will begin. Wedding Season runs strong from your early twenties until your thirties. I found my inspiration for this project last year when I was helping a friend brainstorm for her wedding. We ran across a delightful center piece that had lightbulbs adorning delicate trees branches and inspiration poured over me. I had never thought about repurposing items that are so often ignored, but provide daily beautiful energy to our lives.

This project will help you take something old and transform it into something new.

Picture_4 picture_19

The first step is to gather all of your materials. I recommend an old grocery bag, a pair of thorlo socks (or preferably work gloves if you have them), a pair of pliers, a miniature screwdriver, a coat hanger from your closet, a tape measure (check a sewing box) and an old light bulb. If you are prone to misplacing things as I am and as your love for crafts grow I recommend creating your own craft box. It can have whatever sassy personality you wish depending on the various leftovers and tools that you store inside. There is no right or wrong thing to put in your craft box because you never know when it might come in handy!

craft boxPicture_1

Take the pliers and remove the gold shiny circle at the top of the light bulb.


Use your small screwdriver with occasional help from the pliers to break the top part of the inside portion of your light bulb.


Now comes the tricky part. I believe the best solution is to make some piping hot tea and turn your Pandora to Pretty Lights. Continue to work on clearing the center part of the inside of the light bulb. Around this time I slightly regretted not having work gloves, however my thorlo socks made it through and I did not have to make a side trek to the emergency room. Be very cautious when you are cleaning this up and use your plastic bag to store all of the extra glass pieces.



Next, grab your coat hanger. Cut off the looped part and straighten it out with pliers or if you are extremely strong your hands. Then take your trustie Sharpie marker and your tape measure and mark five equal sections on your coat hanger. Mine happened to be a little under every 5 inches.

coat hangerpicture_10

Now take your first three points and bend at each point to make your triangle base.


Then use your next two points to make the up and down and sideways support. Then find a circular item around your house that is similarly shaped to the top of your lightbulb. I tried my Sharpie and when it failed to help me for the first time in its life I moved on to thread.


Once you have adjusted this to your liking screw in your light bulb. If you are a bit shaky about the snug fit, then bend the wire once more until it fits as it would in your favorite lamp. This bulb and the wire should be like inseparable middle school BFFs. If you are still hesitant then put in a bit of hot glue for extra support.


Now the fun part! Be as creative as you desire. I added water and dyed it tantalizing green.The real reason that I went with this look is because I met the sweetest lady in Food Lion today who reminded me of my grandmother and we looked through a plethora of food coloring until we decided on a set that she said “looked hip and was the Food Lion brand so it will be cheaper!”


I hope that you enjoyed your journey as you transformed a light bulb into a chic retro vase. Always remember that while the final product is beautiful, it is the crafting journey that makes the difference in your life. I hope you had a chance to experience the energy of creativity today!


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