Revamp your Spring Break Shades

Spring is in the air, despite the fact that we got ANOTHER snow day this week. The grey skies have been an emoji for the campus mood. Students have been marooned in the library for weeks, red eyed and despairing as we have conquered exams and projects. Our white horse has finally arrived (cue the Lord of the Rings track as Gandolf rides to the rescue on his white steed). Spring Break has come.

The recipe for a solid Spring Break is friends+food+sun+vacation= a good time. This project will encourage you to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays and relax with friends away from the dull hum of your computer monotonously reloading your biology notes. Dig around in your drawer to find those $5 gas station sunglasses that you got on your last road trip and have kept because, frankly, you are a hoarder. Grab a friend and Mod Podge, a bowl, a paper towel, a bit of water, a piece of scrapbook paper, scissors and your sunglasses. I recommend matching your piece of scrapbook paper to the mood of your spring break-roadtrip, beach getaway, cruise, urban escape-have fun!


For some reason this week I have been really into Dub Step, but I have decided that the appropriate Pandora station for this project should begin with “Brown Eyed Girl.” Impromptu dancing is strongly encouraged. Get your Spring Break groove on. Pour some of the Mod Podge glue in your bowl and add your little bit of water to make it a soupy mixture. Also fun fact that my housemate Hannah discovered if you were on a deserted island you could actually eat Mod Podge-it is not toxic! Take small strips of your scrapbook paper and cut them up into rectangles that will fit around the two legs your sunglasses-perhaps 1/4 of an inch across. Then dip the first piece into your soupy mixture. Channel your inner third grader as your remember what it was like to make all of those amazing paper mache projects when you were certain your destiny was to become a famous artist.1900074_10151906254226786_1080992937_n

Take the gluey piece of scrapbook paper and wrap it around one of the legs of your glasses. Start closest to the lenses and work your way to the end. I recommend folding it tightly around the glasses so that you do not end up with unwanted space at the end. Wrap the pieces so that they are reinforced by overlapping the flaps in a sort of woven structure.

1962830_10151906254566786_1836660572_n 10009338_10151906254241786_186730059_n

This process ended up being more tricky than I had anticipated. I suggest that you are very generous with the amount of Mod Podge that you use and really coat each layer with more Mod Podge. Slather it on as you would nutella on a sandwich. Make sure the paper is damp enough to really be molded around the groves of the sunglasses. Patch sections if the paper does not look to be holding up well initially. I actually began this project attempting to use the cute fabric in the first picture, but abandoned the fabric due to fraying. Always remember not to be married to your first idea because you never known what inspiration might walk through your front door while you have been staring out the window. Once you have finished the first side of wrapping your glasses continue with the other and then coat both sides with more Mod Podge (it acts as a sealing agent). Then let them dry.


While you are waiting for your sunglasses to dry check out this youtube video. It had a great impact on the way that I view life.

Now enjoy your sunglasses! If you are going to a tropical destination take them to the beach. If you are going home take cute picture of your cat wearing them. I will be taking mine to the nation’s capitol for spring break 2014. Be safe and enjoy your time with friends! SPRING BREAK 2014 has ARRIVED!

1002662_10151906256961786_1011477449_n 1901501_10151906256986786_1192743118_n

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3 thoughts on “Revamp your Spring Break Shades

  1. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Great recycling, neat art, combined with new, high fashion! Love it. 🙂

  2. deanna

    Super cute, thanks for sharing!

  3. I am glad that you enjoyed it! This project was a lot of fun.

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