John Denver Makes an Excellent Bowl

My dad used to believe that he was John Denver. He had the hat, guitar and glasses which naturally made Dad believe that they where twins of the same ilk. Once in Colorado, strangers even stopped Dad to ask if he was the famous star. My Dad loved to grab his guitar and sing “Sunshine on my Shoulders”-which he did on repeat for the first eighteen years of my life.  Naturally, Dad has an extensive record collection which showcases his favorite tunes, but he has not had a record player for many years. His lonely records have accumulated several layers of dust as the world has raced on with eight tracks, cassettes, CDs and eventually iTunes.

I realized after a little research that a scratched John Denver record would make an excellent bowl.

To begin transforming your (or your dad’s/grandfather’s/ Goodwill’s) old, scratched records into nifty bowls heat your oven to 200 degrees.


Now turn your Pandora station to John Denver and take a moment to go outside to enjoy the spring flowers or if you are in an apartment open your window for a whiff of the great outdoors. John Denver always makes me feel like taking a minute for an escape to the outdoors that seem to brim with opportunity.

Now grab a bowl and a flat pan and place your record of choice on top of the bowl.


Carefully place the bowl, record and pan into the oven. Make sure that the oven is not to hot or that you heat the record for too long! The record should be heated for 5-10 minutes and it should be malleable, but not melted when it leaves your oven. Remember, if you dislike the shape of your bowl you can always reshape it!


Take your record out of the oven and place it quickly on your stove top.


Now it is time for a bit of quick creative energy. Once your old record leaves the oven, you do not have long before it hardens into its new shape. I tried originally to use my oven mitts to mold the record, but I decided it was easier to use my hands (I did not even get burned!) I recommend drawing some ideas or brainstorming while your record is heating so that you are prepared to mold as soon as your masterpiece leaves the oven.


The first bowl I molded to have a larger base with star shaped points. I created this star points by pinching folds into the old record with my thumb and finger.



My second bowl I decided to have a smaller base with a more square like body type. I accomplish this by quickly forming the bowl with my hands against my stomach and pinching four more severe folds in the record with my hands instead of the tinier folds that I did with my fingers for the first bowl.


Enjoy this ageless craft that will help you make your favorite old tunes sing with life again as they hold everything from your cuties to your games.

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