All About the Journey

I had just recently received that perfect piece of plastic. I had passed my license test-by a hair- the three point road turn was killer (I am still terrible at these to this day). I could not wait to pull out in Lexie (a solid car that was two years older than I was) and hit the road of FREEDOM-a sixteen year old’s freedom at least. I was driving to my friend’s house in Mooresville while my dad followed with my friend Posey. Background info: there is this insane intersection of highways in Statesville called the clover leaf were, as you could imagine, several major roads intersect. I confidently made my selection and gunned the accelerator around what looked deceivingly like the right turn. While I made this move Posey asked my dad if they should call me to let me know my error before I drove to florida. Dad replied, you know “this is all a part of her journey.”

Since then I have made “this is all a part of your journey” one of my personal mantras. This can mean many things from go with the flow to take the less traveled road of adventure. I decided that the best way to illustrate this part of my life was to take an old map and repurpose it. I used a map that my friends and I had used in DC over spring break.

The first thing that I made was a simple place setting. I borrowed a cute fork that my friend bent for a display at her wedding.


The next idea I admittedly stole from pinterest. I decided to redecorate an old lamp shade with a bit of pizzaz. This can easily be accomplished with tape (if you are seeking a removable solution) or of course a bit of mod podge for a long term solution. Please make sure that your lampshade is cloth or a similar material for best results.

10178074_10151955518446786_1346710056_n 1978788_10151955518441786_829748600_n

Next, I decided to take an old mirror and cover the back so that I had a chic new look for spring time.

1978765_10151955518431786_111208817_n 1959298_10151955518251786_1968104352_n

I cut small strips of paper from the map in long rectangles. then I dabbed mod podge on them (throwback to third grade crafts) and pasted them directly on to the mirror.


In the past my wrapping jobs have been less than stellar. During college I have resorted to wrapping most gifts with recycled Daily Tar Heel’s (UNC’s newspaper), but as I will be a grown up in less than three weeks I decided that one thing that I needed to learn was how to wrap gifts at least half as well as my mom.

The wrapping of a gift starts with the perfect miniature card. I cut out a cute little card and then proceeded to borrow the string from the shopping tag of the present that I was wrapping=perfect.

1513807_10151955518231786_811541195_n 1975136_10151955518256786_202463900_n

Finally, I made the cutest craft of all map crafts and an essential for me due to my Rapunzel length hair. I decided to take some of the smaller extras of the map and decorate my bobby pins with the assortment.

First, I made a Rose from the map.

I began by twisting a tiny piece of leftover paper into a tight circle as picture below.


Then I twisted a piece of paper by holding the two ends and twisting for the surrounding petals.


After Mod Podge and a dab of hot glue-this was the result!


After miniature floral success, I spotted a butterfly on one of the colorful advertisements next to the map and decided to give it wings. I cut the butterfly out of the AD and rummaged in my miniature sewing kit for a small button. I mod podged the paper to the button and then hot glued it to the bobby!

10151302_10151955559061786_589341754_n 10170846_10151955559041786_445991673_n

Here are the final products!


I hope that you enjoyed your crafting journey today! Remember to always treat life as a journey and not as a series of destinations!


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