Empty Frames

In honor of Easter I wanted a repurposed craft that took something dark, dusty and purposeless and pumped it full of life. I found an old picture frame that I had been meaning to fill for quite some time, but had remained empty– only a wrinkled reflection stared back at me. The center of the frame represents the purposeless that I once felt.

photo%201                                                                                                              I chose yellow and pink to represent light shining and the sun rising on Easter morning. Flowers also remind me of a beautiful story as they bloom and break open from their slumber into the beautiful spring time. As a Christian, I celebrate Easter as the raising from the dead of Jesus Christ after he had three days before died on the cross to take the penalty for the sins of humanity.

photo%202                                                                                                                                      I decided to turn my colorful frame into a little message board for daily, encouraging messages. A combination of everyday necessities and beautiful reminders. I borrowed my housemate’s name for the sake of alliteration (past English major nerding out).


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