Crayon Art inspired by Lisa Frank

This bit of creativity is a throwback to your childhood-especially if you were a child of the sixties or if you like me had (have?) an obsession with Lisa Frank. If you believe sun flowers are the perfect decoration for gorgeous locks and that people should enjoy sinking their toes in the grass until winter buries them into Birkenstocks, or if you are a free spirit that regularly sings to the wind about its colors- or are utterly terrible at traditional crafts- then this craft is for you.


First, I invited a sweet friend to join me- props to Erin Schaberg for years of humoring my creative whims and some very bright dorm room decor our freshmen year that was reminiscent of Lisa Frank. Next, I started peeling crayons. Peeling crayons is a task that makes me feel a bit of a five year old, but in a wholesome way. I feel in touch with the giggling pigtailed red head that hugged everyone in sight. I started with a color scheme and then changed my mind half way through- let freedom commence.


Of course I had to keep the Crayon peeling for crafts round two!!


Next I grabbed a canvas and added a flower to make it look artsy 🙂


Grab your newly unwrapped crayons and place them on your canvas- a dab or two of hot glue is great to help place them initially. Then grab your or your roomate’s (thanks Mere!) hairdryer and let the fun begin. There are many different ways to go from here- I suggest a team work approach. Have your friend hold the dryer while you move your canvas up and down and side to side to guide the crayons to achieve the affect you seek!

Take this up a notch by adding a sing along element while you guide your crayon on its journey. I recommend the Lion King soundtrack.Enjoy your creative journey- EMBRACE the simple freedom of a pack a crayons.



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