The Story Catcher

Reimagine. Repurpose. Refuse the Box.                                                                                                          

My parents named me Jenna Elizabeth Stout because my mom loves French names, although I secretly want to be Irish. I am225896_10150172263816786_4846420_n currently in undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill. I study Creative Advertising through our Journalism school and  English author’s storytelling skills. When I was eight I was determined to become a Broadway actress. Since then my passions have changed, but I still love the arts in all forms from playing the ukulele to oil painting. The arts have served as a sort of haven for me during different points in my life and I hope to help others find ways to express themselves through the arts. My favorite place to be is outside in the morning having a wonderful conversation over coffee (liquid gold), but I am passionate about traveling. I love working with kids because they have not lost their ability to dream. I hope to keep my life as a journey rather than a destination and to always see the ordinary moments for the firefly moments that they can become.

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